While the Your Way Home system is positioned to more effectively respond to the crisis of homelessness, we haven’t yet tackled the monumental effort of preventing more vulnerable families and individuals from losing their housing in the first place. 

If we are to truly meet our goal of making homelessness a rare event, we must start to work “upstream”.

This new study, Unlocking Doors to Homelessness Prevention, is Your Way Home’s first endeavor to better understand how we might more effectively prevent homelessness from occurring in our community. Through our longstanding partnership with HealthSpark Foundation, we undertook this work in the same deliberative approach that we used when first forming Your Way Home- by learning from others, reviewing our own data, testing pilot projects, and scaling what works. We hope that this final report provides insight to other communities who are also ready to start addressing homelessness prevention as an extension of their homeless crisis response systems, offers useful tips for evaluating your local system and data, and highlights the innovative programs and services that so many other communities are already undertaking.

Click here to read the full, Unlocking Doors to Homelessness Prevention, report.

Click here to read the 2017 Eviction Prevention Research Project overview.