Your Way Home's Rapid Re-housing program is housing-focused case management and financial assistance to literally homeless households, to quickly find and move in to permanent housing, and then to obtain the supports needed to maintain that housing long-term. [1]

This intervention is offered, regardless of tenancy barriers.  Your Way Home expects to move 300 homeless households into housing per year through the Rapid Re-Housing Program with an average program duration of approximately 9 months.

Guiding Principles of Rapid Re-Housing

  • Inclusivity & Flexibility- The Rapid Re-Housing program is an intervention designed for and flexible enough to serve anyone not able to exit homelessness on their own. 
  •  Progressive Engagement- The Your Way Home Rapid Re-Housing program makes an effort to maximize the number of households it is able to serve by providing households with the financial assistance in a progressive manner, providing only the assistance necessary to stabilize in permanent housing.
  • Finding & Maintaining Permanent Housing- Within the limits of the participant’s income, the Your Way Home Rapid Re-Housing helps households access units that are desirable and sustainable—those that are in neighborhoods where they want to live in, that have access to transportation, are close to employment, and that are safe.
  • Landlord Engagement & Retention- Housing identification efforts are designed and implemented to actively recruit and retain landlords and housing managers willing to rent to program participants who may otherwise fail to pass typical tenant screening criteria.

[1] U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development: Rapid Re-housing Brief