Through coordinated entry and assessment, Your Way Home prioritizes housing and services based on vulnerability and need rather than on a first come, first serve basis.

Progressive engagement ensures consumers are given just as much services and support as they need to succeed in order to preserve costly interventions like permanent supportive or subsidized housing for families and individuals with significant and lasting barriers to housing stability. 

coordinated entry- HUD diagram.png

Coordinated Entry Core Elements Guidebook

  • The Your Way Home Call Center [2-1-1] serves as the initial Screening and Assessment point for all Your Way Home services. All callers receive an initial Screening, which determines basic eligibility for any Your Way Home service. Callers who do not pass the initial Screening are referred to other community resources based on the information provided to the Call Center Specialist in the Screening interview.
  • Callers that pass the initial Screening will receive an Assessment, using the appropriate Vulnerability IndexService Prioritization and Decision Assistance Tool (VI-SPDAT).   
  • During assessment, the person’s needs and level of vulnerability are documented for purposes of determining Prioritization. Prioritization helps the Your Way Home system keep inventory of community housing resources and services, ensuring that those persons with the greatest need and vulnerability receive the supports they require to resolve their housing crisis.
  • Based upon prioritization, callers are then referred to the appropriate Your Way Home referral point once the Assessment is completed.