As Your Way Home continues to prioritize its commitment to ending literal homelessness, we recognize that we must also develop solutions that will help prevent more families and individuals from losing their housing.

Homelessness prevention is an expansion of the work already done by Your Way Home, and targets those who are at risk of losing their housing.  As Your Way Home’s homeless crisis response system is able to more effectively divert, triage, and re-house literally homeless residents, our partnership can now begin to identify strategies for preventing homelessness from occurring among vulnerable populations. 

In order to understand how to expand its services to include homelessness prevention, Your Way Home undertook a research study in 2016-2017 to study homelessness prevention and eviction prevention best practices. This study, completed by Barbara Poppe and Associates and sponsored by the Healthspark Foundation, helped Your Way Home to identify the need in Montgomery County, the resources currently available, and identify a few models of programs that could be piloted locally to address those needs.

You can read the full report here.