Partner and Provider Trainings


your Way Home 101 Training

Your Way Home 101 is intended to give an overview of Your Way Home structure, eligibility, programs, partnerships, services, and outcomes.


Clarity HMIS Training

Clarity HMIS training will explain the procedures regarding eligibility, enrollment in programs, and other key steps in the provision of homeless services.  An in depth review is provided on how to document these activities in the HMIS database.

Addendum: 2020 Data Standards Update Posted 9/17/19


fair Housing Training

This training covers basic provisions of the Fair Housing Act, best practices for ensuring the fair housing rights of constituents, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing obligations for recipients and subrecipients of federal funding, and technical issues for local governments such as zoning and land use, code enforcement, reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities, group homes and recovery homes, and implementing non-discriminatory policies and procedures. To receive this training for staff at your agency, or to inquire about an upcoming training webinar in Fair Housing, please contact the Housing Equality Center at 267-419-8918.