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Read about some of the individuals and families who now have permanent housing. 



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Stacey Greaves, a single mother of 5 children ages 4 to 16, recently completed the phlebotomy certification program at Montgomery County Community College’s Blue Bell campus through the KEYS (Keystone Education Yields Success) program sponsored by the PA Department of Human Services. She is a full time student working toward her associate’s degree with the goal of entering the nursing field. 


Stacey unfortunately lost her apartment, attempted to stay with her mother but she was unable to house young tenants in her home so the family entered the Salvation Army shelter in Norristown. The family stayed in the shelter for more than 4 months. Stacey worked with the Housing Locator to find a home that would potentially be affordable for her large family. A three-bedroom apartment was secured and the family moved in mid-October. She is currently receiving cash assistance and food stamps and she is hoping to get a work-study job on campus this semester. She regularly checks in with the Housing Stability Coach, updating her on the family.

                                 "Without Your Way Home, I don't know how I would have been able to move my family into our own place,” Ms. Greaves said. “Also, I laugh because I do not feel like a success story in anyway.  A success story is when someone is off the program and has successfully stayed in their own place for some time.  That's when the real test comes into play.”

Nora and Vincent's story begins with the two of them living with Vincent's sister until a fire occurred. They became homeless, contacted the Your Way Home Call Center and were able to find shelter at the CHOC in Norristown. Nora and Vincent met with a Your Way Home Housing Stability Coach and their needs were assessed. It was found that Nora receives income through Social Security Disability. A Housing Locator was able to assist them in finding and securing a one bedroom apartment in Norristown. Your Way Home assisted with the paying of the security deposit and first month's rent. 

Nora and Vincent both volunteer each week at Hopeworx, a non-profit organization in Norristown that is home to the HopeMarket Community Trading Post. They help inventory and stock items in the market and in exchange can do a load of laundry and earn dollars to purchase clothing and household items. Nora and Vincent have also reconnected with family and acquaintances, including some of Nora's cousins that live on the same block. 

The Housing Stability Coach continues to meet with the couple to check on their progress. Nora and Vincent have paid their rent portions on time and have created a budget with their coach. They shared that this home is something they want to establish for the long term and do not want to be homeless again. 

Phil was sleeping under a bridge in Pottstown as he had nowhere else to go. He met with the Your Way Home Stability Coach to help him find housing. Phil was able to view a unit that same day as a room had recently become available for rent.  Phil loved the room and completed the application. The landlord was hesitant to rent to Phil due to his criminal past, but ultimately decided to give him a chance because of his involvement with the Your Way Home program.  Phil moved in six days later.  He was provided a small table, chair and a bed through the Your Way Home Fund.  Phil is warm in his new home and is continually grateful for all of the compassion and care he has been given through the Your Way Home Program.  

Ivy Harper, of Schwenksville, Pa., described the help she received in the Montgomery County anti-homelessness program, “Your Way Home.” Photo by Tim Jimenez

Ivy Harper, of Schwenksville, Pa., described the help she received in the Montgomery County anti-homelessness program, “Your Way Home.” Photo by Tim Jimenez

By Tim Jimenez

BLUE BELL, Pa. (CBS) — A few hundred people gathered today at Montgomery County Community College to get an update on a program, now in its fifth month, that helps the homeless get back on their feet.

Ivy Harper had to move out of her home and away from a destructive relationship.

“Very abusive — financially, physically, emotionally,” she notes.  “And I had children.”

She had lost her job a year and a half ago, but there was no way she could stay with her husband.  What was next for her and her four kids, all between ten and 17 years old, was a shelter in Norristown.  They were homeless.    But that’s when “Your Way Home” came to her aid.

“Being homeless doesn’t mean you’re drunk, being homeless doesn’t mean you’re on drugs,” Harper told the audience of government and philanthropic officials today.

A public-private effort to end homelessness in Montgomery County, “Your Way Home” allows people to reach out for help with housing, employment, and other issues.

County commissioner Josh Shapiro says before the program started in January, they were getting 15 only people off the streets each month.  “Under this new, collaborative approach, we’re getting 55 people each month out of homelessness.”

Officials say they’ve helped 274 people so far, including Ivy, who’s now in an apartment in Schwenksville.

“It really does seem like it’s doing such good work. And I know it did with me,” she said today.

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Ivy tells her story to Summit attendees. Photo by Tamela Luce

Ivy tells her story to Summit attendees. Photo by Tamela Luce