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Read about some of the individuals and families who now have permanent housing. 



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Blaine was in a serious car accident in 2012, broke his back in two places, had amnesia for a few months and could not work.  He unfortunately lost his apartment after a few months due to no income. Blaine lived on the streets for a year. “I didn’t know a lot about services when I first got on the street. Other homeless people directed me where to go.” He entered the CHOC and while there volunteered by waxing floors and helping with maintenance. “Your Way Home started in January 2014 and I was one of the first people to be helped.”  Blaine worked with the Housing Resource in Norristown and became housed in April 2014. He reported, “Searching Norristown for an apartment is tough.” The Housing Stability Coach helped him find a unit with a roommate to reduce rental costs. Blaine struggled to find work but his landlord was impressed by him and provided him with work and responsibilities around the property.  “Kenny my landlord took a chance on me and now I am the building manager of his rentals. I look at life in a different way now. It is simpler but good. ” Your Way Home assistance ended in December and Blaine continues to successfully live with his roommate.

Joycelyn was homeless at the Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center (CHOC) for a year prior to Your Way Home being launched in January 2014. In telling her story, Joycelyn shared that even though she was homeless she felt like she needed to give back. She volunteered while being sheltered at the CHOC by sorting donations, helping in the kitchen, and suggesting services/resources to other fellow residents. " I never knew that I had so much impact on other people at the shelter. They begged me not to leave and cried when I did. I told them it was my turn for a home." Joycelyn formed a relationship with a woman that volunteered one day a week at the shelter. She attributes her success to the relationship that she formed with her and the Your Way Home workers to provide her the strength to move forward. Joycelyn reported that she just found out last week that she was approved for Social Security Disability which will help her to stay stably housed into the future.

Harold has been struggling with addiction and homelessness on and off for years. In April 2014, Harold became homeless and started working with the Pottstown Housing Resource Center. He met with the Ryan Keiser, Your Way Home Housing Stability Coach and was able to build a trusting relationship with her. In June 2014 Housing Locator, Wendy Gaynor found a safe and affordable efficiency in Pottstown for Harold with a landlord in the community who understood and cared about Harold’s particular challenges.  The landlord helped Harold with housing items and continued to communicate regularly with the Pottstown Housing Resource Center throughout the following months.

It soon became apparent to the staff and the landlord that Harold would need extra support in paying his rent.  Ryan met with Harold and explained the importance and benefit of having a Representative Payee assist him.  Harold agreed that he needed this added service and has since been able to maintain his housing while working a few hours a week doing odd jobs for his landlord around the property.  Harold is coming up on a year of consistent housing and is grateful for his landlord and the Pottstown Housing Resource Center staff’s support.

Natalie is climbing the stairs to stability. She has been in the family shelter with her two children for approximately a month. She states, “It is difficult to juggle the schedule here but I take it day by day. I just want my children to be safe and happy.” She reported that she left a violent relationship and did not want that life for her children.

One of the challenges she is currently facing is her son switching schools and making sure he doesn’t fall behind. “I don’t want him to struggle and give up.” Natalie explained that she did not graduate from high school and is currently working toward her GED. “My goal is to go to college in the fall and become an RN.” She explained, “I want to provide for my family, save money and one day purchase a home.” Natalie is participating in services that are offered to her through the shelter and community agencies. She stated, “I am lucky to have this opportunity to have a stepping stone to lift me up.” She is in the process of working with a Housing Resource Center Coach and Housing Locator to find an affordable apartment.



Bob experienced homelessness for approximately 2 years. After being laid off from a job and his unemployment expiring, Bob states, “I had nowhere to live so I turned initially to family and friends. I stayed as long as they would let me but I had no income.” Bob then lived on the street for a few months until Hurricane Sandy hit and he was placed in a Red Cross Shelter.  

Bob stated that a “nice lady Genny from the CHOC came and got me and brought me to her shelter.” Bob was housed at the CHOC for one and half years until he became involved with Your Way Home. 

Your Way Home began working with Bob and he was placed in an apartment in June 15, 2014. YWH helped him with 5 months of subsidy and then he received his Social Security in October. He is currently paying $600.00 a month in rent plus electric. He has a driver’s license but does not have a vehicle. He relies on his daughter to take him grocery shopping and to do his laundry at her house. 

Bob stated, “Without Your Way Home I couldn’t have gotten this place. They helped me get things like the couch, table, and twin bed. I know they only have so much money to help people with and I am so grateful to be one of them. It gave me hope.”  

Bob is successfully paying his rent on his own and states, “Paying the rent is my first priority because I don’t want to sleep on a park bench or go back to a shelter. I have a budget I follow and am sticking to it.”