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Read about some of the individuals and families who now have permanent housing. 



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Anita Zampirri had no idea where to get help when she lost her job and home in January 2015. She and her companion went to Manna for food and told the staff about their situation. Anita was referred to Your Way Home.  Anita and her companion entered the CHOC shelter, met with a Housing Resource Center Coach and were rapidly re-housed as a couple. In June 2015, Anita decided to leave the abusive relationship and found herself homeless again. She contacted Your Way Home a known resource and was able to get back into the CHOC. Anita came into shelter with one set of clothes and her purse. In the two months that she has been at the CHOC she has received clothes, shoes, and toiletries. “I am so appreciative of what I have been given while in shelter. The encouragement and support has helped me feel like Anita again.” Anita recently found employment as a chef in Chester brook.  She walks to the Norristown Transportation Center (40 minute walk), takes two busses, and then walks 5 minutes to her job. “I love being a chef and hope one day to open up my own deli.  I help cook here at the shelter as I need to be busy.” Anita is scheduled to meet with a HRC Coach this week. “I have located a couple of apartments already. They are places that I can afford when Your Way Home is out of the picture.”

“I am excited to get my own place and plan to return to volunteer at the CHOC once I am settled. I don’t ever want to forget how much help I got while I was here.”


Sally has been in and out of the shelter system for years, even since her childhood.  Issues involving mental health and lack of social supports have created a chronically homeless cycle in her life.  Her connection to Creative Health in Pottstown and now the Pottstown YWH HRC, will hopefully allow for Sally a new start and a path to a sustainable living situation.

Sally’s hope, with her modest SSI income, is to obtain a clean and safe room for rent in the Pottstown area for less than $400/month so that she can have a little extra for monthly essentials.  With the help of the HRC Housing Locator, Wendy Gaynor and continued support of Housing Stability Coach Jessica Scholl, there is a path being paved for a successful and safe living situation located close to both the Cluster Outreach Center and Creative Health Services. 

A unit has been viewed.  An application has been placed.  Now we wait on the landlord to make his decision.


Karen Johnson and her three young daughters left their home due to a domestic violence situation. The family entered into the Laurel House for shelter and support. When Karen first met with her Norristown Housing Stability Coach in early May, she had a plan in mind that seemed workable. Her mother would live with them and, though her mother was not in the program, she would pay half the rent since she receives benefits. Karen was able to find a job on her own to help support her family.

Karen quickly found a unit she wanted to rent when she walked by a home on Marshall Street where a landlord was clearing things out. There was no For Rent sign yet, but Karen talked to him and he was interested in renting to her, but had not worked with Your Way Home. Housing Locator Ann Garcia called the landlord, explained the program and mentioned some of the successes and the supports that would be made available. He said the large 3-bedroom unit he was sprucing up would be $850 a month. That seemed to be a manageable rent for the family, so Ms. Garcia requested an inspection.

Karen and her mom moved in July 2nd and quickly turned the unit into a home. Terry brought items from her previous unit and Ms. Garcia provided them beds and cleaning supplies to start out. They also received some donated home furnishings from the Laurel House and Hope Community Church. Karen is working about 20 hours a week and her mom helps to watch the children. She agreed that she would like to receive additional job counseling services through the Commerce Department’s Your Way Home program to obtain a better position.

Karen and Terry like the quiet and the fact that the children have space to play and a room that is theirs. The mother and daughter are comfortable in taking a team approach to make their new situation work and can openly talk about their concerns and make a plan.


Artur Tabaka was homeless and rapidly re-housed by Your Way Home. He acquired employment and has maintained it since March.  Artur is experiencing great success at work as he received acknowledgement from the district manager and was honored as the associate of the month.  

Artur continues to afford a few of the basics of life and recently he had a heartwarming experience. Artur went into a local thrift store and saw a pair of shoes that he really needed.  He asked the store to set the shoes aside so he could go home and review his budget to see if he could afford them.  After his next payday, Artur came to the conclusion he could not afford the shoes and still pay his rent and utility obligation on time.  He returned to the thrift store and told the clerk he could not afford them and to put them back out. The clerk in return told him he could have the shoes due to him respectfully returning to the store and letting her know. Artur was so moved by this generosity that he went home and returned to the store with a flat leaf parsley plant to give to the clerk.

Thank You Letter to YWH Housing Stability Coach


    I was just driving and thinking about my life and my wife and kids and how grateful I am for everything you have done for us. And hi Wendy, didn't forget about you.  LOL!  But seriously, 6 months ago I was hopeless.  Stability, a house and job was a dream and a fairytale.  I got 100% clean the day I moved in on 12/24/14. You provided an opportunity and a starting point to build my life on. It was very stressful being homeless and living with a bunch of addicts and not knowing how or where to start or being overwhelmed with too much to fix at once:  house, job, sobriety, family, bills, etc. The house was the huge break and push I needed.  What you offered was the building block of my life.  The house got our family back together. There are not enough words to express my gratitude, so I strive to let my actions do the speaking.  I’ve done more drugs, been to more prisons, and lost more kids then most of your clients ever will.  And I was on track for losing more. You believed in me more than I did, gave me a chance, and never judged me.  Thank you Jenn for all the support and encouragement.

Daniel Trejo