Your Way Home "Known Resource"

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Anita Zampirri had no idea where to get help when she lost her job and home in January 2015. She and her companion went to Manna for food and told the staff about their situation. Anita was referred to Your Way Home.  Anita and her companion entered the CHOC shelter, met with a Housing Resource Center Coach and were rapidly re-housed as a couple. In June 2015, Anita decided to leave the abusive relationship and found herself homeless again. She contacted Your Way Home a known resource and was able to get back into the CHOC. Anita came into shelter with one set of clothes and her purse. In the two months that she has been at the CHOC she has received clothes, shoes, and toiletries. “I am so appreciative of what I have been given while in shelter. The encouragement and support has helped me feel like Anita again.” Anita recently found employment as a chef in Chester brook.  She walks to the Norristown Transportation Center (40 minute walk), takes two busses, and then walks 5 minutes to her job. “I love being a chef and hope one day to open up my own deli.  I help cook here at the shelter as I need to be busy.” Anita is scheduled to meet with a HRC Coach this week. “I have located a couple of apartments already. They are places that I can afford when Your Way Home is out of the picture.”

“I am excited to get my own place and plan to return to volunteer at the CHOC once I am settled. I don’t ever want to forget how much help I got while I was here.”