Waiting is Hard

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Sally has been in and out of the shelter system for years, even since her childhood.  Issues involving mental health and lack of social supports have created a chronically homeless cycle in her life.  Her connection to Creative Health in Pottstown and now the Pottstown YWH HRC, will hopefully allow for Sally a new start and a path to a sustainable living situation.

Sally’s hope, with her modest SSI income, is to obtain a clean and safe room for rent in the Pottstown area for less than $400/month so that she can have a little extra for monthly essentials.  With the help of the HRC Housing Locator, Wendy Gaynor and continued support of Housing Stability Coach Jessica Scholl, there is a path being paved for a successful and safe living situation located close to both the Cluster Outreach Center and Creative Health Services. 

A unit has been viewed.  An application has been placed.  Now we wait on the landlord to make his decision.