Joycelyn's Way of Giving Back

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Joycelyn was homeless at the Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center (CHOC) for a year prior to Your Way Home being launched in January 2014. In telling her story, Joycelyn shared that even though she was homeless she felt like she needed to give back. She volunteered while being sheltered at the CHOC by sorting donations, helping in the kitchen, and suggesting services/resources to other fellow residents. " I never knew that I had so much impact on other people at the shelter. They begged me not to leave and cried when I did. I told them it was my turn for a home." Joycelyn formed a relationship with a woman that volunteered one day a week at the shelter. She attributes her success to the relationship that she formed with her and the Your Way Home workers to provide her the strength to move forward. Joycelyn reported that she just found out last week that she was approved for Social Security Disability which will help her to stay stably housed into the future.