Harold's Story

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Harold has been struggling with addiction and homelessness on and off for years. In April 2014, Harold became homeless and started working with the Pottstown Housing Resource Center. He met with the Ryan Keiser, Your Way Home Housing Stability Coach and was able to build a trusting relationship with her. In June 2014 Housing Locator, Wendy Gaynor found a safe and affordable efficiency in Pottstown for Harold with a landlord in the community who understood and cared about Harold’s particular challenges.  The landlord helped Harold with housing items and continued to communicate regularly with the Pottstown Housing Resource Center throughout the following months.

It soon became apparent to the staff and the landlord that Harold would need extra support in paying his rent.  Ryan met with Harold and explained the importance and benefit of having a Representative Payee assist him.  Harold agreed that he needed this added service and has since been able to maintain his housing while working a few hours a week doing odd jobs for his landlord around the property.  Harold is coming up on a year of consistent housing and is grateful for his landlord and the Pottstown Housing Resource Center staff’s support.