Fire to Foundation

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Nora and Vincent's story begins with the two of them living with Vincent's sister until a fire occurred. They became homeless, contacted the Your Way Home Call Center and were able to find shelter at the CHOC in Norristown. Nora and Vincent met with a Your Way Home Housing Stability Coach and their needs were assessed. It was found that Nora receives income through Social Security Disability. A Housing Locator was able to assist them in finding and securing a one bedroom apartment in Norristown. Your Way Home assisted with the paying of the security deposit and first month's rent. 

Nora and Vincent both volunteer each week at Hopeworx, a non-profit organization in Norristown that is home to the HopeMarket Community Trading Post. They help inventory and stock items in the market and in exchange can do a load of laundry and earn dollars to purchase clothing and household items. Nora and Vincent have also reconnected with family and acquaintances, including some of Nora's cousins that live on the same block. 

The Housing Stability Coach continues to meet with the couple to check on their progress. Nora and Vincent have paid their rent portions on time and have created a budget with their coach. They shared that this home is something they want to establish for the long term and do not want to be homeless again.