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Thank You Letter to YWH Housing Stability Coach


    I was just driving and thinking about my life and my wife and kids and how grateful I am for everything you have done for us. And hi Wendy, didn't forget about you.  LOL!  But seriously, 6 months ago I was hopeless.  Stability, a house and job was a dream and a fairytale.  I got 100% clean the day I moved in on 12/24/14. You provided an opportunity and a starting point to build my life on. It was very stressful being homeless and living with a bunch of addicts and not knowing how or where to start or being overwhelmed with too much to fix at once:  house, job, sobriety, family, bills, etc. The house was the huge break and push I needed.  What you offered was the building block of my life.  The house got our family back together. There are not enough words to express my gratitude, so I strive to let my actions do the speaking.  I’ve done more drugs, been to more prisons, and lost more kids then most of your clients ever will.  And I was on track for losing more. You believed in me more than I did, gave me a chance, and never judged me.  Thank you Jenn for all the support and encouragement.

Daniel Trejo