Climbing the Stairs to Stability

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Natalie is climbing the stairs to stability. She has been in the family shelter with her two children for approximately a month. She states, “It is difficult to juggle the schedule here but I take it day by day. I just want my children to be safe and happy.” She reported that she left a violent relationship and did not want that life for her children.

One of the challenges she is currently facing is her son switching schools and making sure he doesn’t fall behind. “I don’t want him to struggle and give up.” Natalie explained that she did not graduate from high school and is currently working toward her GED. “My goal is to go to college in the fall and become an RN.” She explained, “I want to provide for my family, save money and one day purchase a home.” Natalie is participating in services that are offered to her through the shelter and community agencies. She stated, “I am lucky to have this opportunity to have a stepping stone to lift me up.” She is in the process of working with a Housing Resource Center Coach and Housing Locator to find an affordable apartment.