Bob's Story

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Bob experienced homelessness for approximately 2 years. After being laid off from a job and his unemployment expiring, Bob states, “I had nowhere to live so I turned initially to family and friends. I stayed as long as they would let me but I had no income.” Bob then lived on the street for a few months until Hurricane Sandy hit and he was placed in a Red Cross Shelter.  

Bob stated that a “nice lady Genny from the CHOC came and got me and brought me to her shelter.” Bob was housed at the CHOC for one and half years until he became involved with Your Way Home. 

Your Way Home began working with Bob and he was placed in an apartment in June 15, 2014. YWH helped him with 5 months of subsidy and then he received his Social Security in October. He is currently paying $600.00 a month in rent plus electric. He has a driver’s license but does not have a vehicle. He relies on his daughter to take him grocery shopping and to do his laundry at her house. 

Bob stated, “Without Your Way Home I couldn’t have gotten this place. They helped me get things like the couch, table, and twin bed. I know they only have so much money to help people with and I am so grateful to be one of them. It gave me hope.”  

Bob is successfully paying his rent on his own and states, “Paying the rent is my first priority because I don’t want to sleep on a park bench or go back to a shelter. I have a budget I follow and am sticking to it.”