Blaine's Landlord Opening a Door

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Blaine was in a serious car accident in 2012, broke his back in two places, had amnesia for a few months and could not work.  He unfortunately lost his apartment after a few months due to no income. Blaine lived on the streets for a year. “I didn’t know a lot about services when I first got on the street. Other homeless people directed me where to go.” He entered the CHOC and while there volunteered by waxing floors and helping with maintenance. “Your Way Home started in January 2014 and I was one of the first people to be helped.”  Blaine worked with the Housing Resource in Norristown and became housed in April 2014. He reported, “Searching Norristown for an apartment is tough.” The Housing Stability Coach helped him find a unit with a roommate to reduce rental costs. Blaine struggled to find work but his landlord was impressed by him and provided him with work and responsibilities around the property.  “Kenny my landlord took a chance on me and now I am the building manager of his rentals. I look at life in a different way now. It is simpler but good. ” Your Way Home assistance ended in December and Blaine continues to successfully live with his roommate.