Artur's Heartwarming Experience

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Artur Tabaka was homeless and rapidly re-housed by Your Way Home. He acquired employment and has maintained it since March.  Artur is experiencing great success at work as he received acknowledgement from the district manager and was honored as the associate of the month.  

Artur continues to afford a few of the basics of life and recently he had a heartwarming experience. Artur went into a local thrift store and saw a pair of shoes that he really needed.  He asked the store to set the shoes aside so he could go home and review his budget to see if he could afford them.  After his next payday, Artur came to the conclusion he could not afford the shoes and still pay his rent and utility obligation on time.  He returned to the thrift store and told the clerk he could not afford them and to put them back out. The clerk in return told him he could have the shoes due to him respectfully returning to the store and letting her know. Artur was so moved by this generosity that he went home and returned to the store with a flat leaf parsley plant to give to the clerk.