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Your Way Home Operations Team Description

The Your Way Home Operations Team is responsible for oversight and management of Montgomery County’s unified housing crisis response system, whose services include coordinated entry, street outreach, prevention/diversion, emergency shelter, transitional housing, rapid re-housing services and referrals to permanent supportive housing, permanent subsidized housing, and/or other health and human services that promote housing stability. The Operations Team is comprised of dedicated staff members within the Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Development, with technical assistance for policy, strategy and HUD Continuum of Care funding provided by consultants as needed and appropriate.


Roles and Responsibilities

The Your Way Home Operations Team is responsible for:

  • Planning, designing and implementing housing crisis response system strategic goals, priorities, objectives and action steps in partnership with other Your Way Home funders, providers, and community partners
  • Scanning and incorporating best and promising practices in policy, funding and service interventions
  • Setting, refining and enforcing systemwide processes, policies and procedures, primarily through the Your Way Home Operations Manual  
  • Contracting with service providers to deliver appropriate housing and services to ensure that homelessness in Montgomery County is rare, brief and non-recurring
  • Coordinating and providing ongoing training and learning opportunities for contracted service providers
  • Managing the County’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), including the creation and distribution of data reports and analyses that assist system leaders and individual providers improve the quality and efficiency of service delivery
  • Managing a unified and prioritized community queue for housing and services for people experiencing or at imminent risk for homelessness based on vulnerability and service needs
  • Advocating for consumers to ensure proper system access, service navigation, program referral, enrollment, and exit, as well as addressing grievances
  • Budgeting and securing appropriate financial resources for current and future fiscal year needs
  • Providing outreach, engagement and communications to landlords, municipalities, first responders, local businesses, nonprofits, faith organizations, homeless advocates and community partner organizations
  • Coordinating services with other federal, state and county health and human services agencies, as well as the Montgomery County Housing Authority
  • Conducting Annual Point In Time Counts in January and August
  • Leveraging philanthropic and private sector funds to complement public resources
  • Complying with federal, state and local laws, policies, and contractual agreements
  • Meeting federal, state, local and private reporting guidelines
  • Working with Continuums of Care in nearby counties to align policies and practices that benefit out of county residents experiencing homelessness
  • Providing administrative support to the Montgomery County CoC PA 504, including maintaining active membership in the Montgomery County CoC
  • Carrying out the duties of the Collaborative Applicant to HUD for the CoC Program Grant and providing technical support to subrecipients
  • Grant administration activities for all CoC Program Grants received directly by the County of Montgomery
  • Coordinating the application, ranking, and monitoring procedures for ESG, CDBG, HAP, and local grant funds with CoC Program Grant fund


Your Way Home Operations Team Members


Carolyn Mayinja- Senior Manager: The Senior Manager is responsible for overall system design and performance and supervises the Program Manager, Community Relations Manager, and Program Coordinator(s).


Kayleigh Silver- Program Manager: The Program Manager is responsible for overseeing daily operations of the housing crisis response system, including core service providers and community partner organizations. 


Blair Dawson- Community Relations Manager: The Community Relations Manager is responsible for outreach and communications with funders, providers, community partners, landlords and consumers.


Gregory Barchuk- Data Manager: The Data Manager is responsible for collection, analysis and recording of data through the management of the HUD-required Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). 


Emma Ward-Williams- Program Coordinator: The Program Coordinator is responsible for billing, invoicing, and HMIS training for contracted service providers as well as coordination of the annual Point in Time counts. 


Jason Alexander- Senior Policy Advisor: The Senior Policy Advisor provides policy and strategy guidance to the Department of Housing and Community Development on a consulting basis.