Your Way Home Systems Change Roadmap 2014-2015 Unveiled at August Community Update Meeting

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 On August 19, 2014, over 50 funders, providers and community partner agencies gathered at the Community Partners Center for Health and Human Services for a Your Way Home Community Update Meeting. Russell Johnson, President/CEO of the North Penn Community Health Foundation and Co-Chair of the Your Way Home Leadership Council, announced that Carolyn Mayinja, the newly appointed Interim Director of the Department of Housing and Community Development, has joined him as Co-Chair of the Leadership Council. Carolyn shared updates regarding affordable housing development that will be undertaken by the Department of Housing and Community Development.

 Tricia Bradley, Your Way Home Program Manager, and Emma Weisser, Clarity Data Manager, shared successes from the first six months of the Your Way Home coordinated entry system; notably, that in the first six months of 2014, 300 homeless persons were re-housed in Montgomery County. The full summary is available for download below.

 At this time, the Your Way Home Systems Change Roadmap was presented and discussed (available for download below). The Roadmap synthesizes the lessons learned from the first six months of coordinated entry and best practices from Your Way Home’s peer communities nationwide. The Roadmap proposes a refinement of the current triage processes for persons experiencing homelessness, specifically by increasing the focus on prioritizing those literally homeless for shelter, and by developing new services to divert families from becoming homeless at all. As well, the Roadmap proposes the creation of Triage Teams, which will bring together community-based services, homeless service providers, and others to provide targeted support for specific subpopulations. The priorities outlined on the Roadmap will be discussed at upcoming Action Team and Learning Collaborative meetings, which will be posted on the Events page.

 Elizabeth Corredor, Regional Director of Housing Programs at The Salvation Army, provided an update on the Your Way Home Learning Collaborative as it begins its second year of implementation. The Learning Collaborative will be expanding in membership in order to better fulfill its purpose of providing a forum for building cross-systems knowledge and understanding change.

 Jason Alexander, Principal, Capacity for Change, and Russell Johnson provided an update on the private partnerships that support Your Way Home as outlined in the second half of the Your Way Home Systems Change Roadmap. A Data Evaluation Team will begin working on the first Annual Report, drawing data from each program that participates in the Your Way Home data system. The second round of Capacity Building Grants will also be announced soon. Lastly, a Community Relations Manager will be joining the Your Way Home team soon in order to improve communication between all Your Way Home partners.

 The meeting concluded with remarks by Meredith Huffman, CEO of the Genuardi Family Foundation.