Wendy Gaynor- Pottstown Housing Locator

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"I am passionate about assisting folks that are homeless and I am thrilled to be doing this job." Prior to coming Your Way Home, Wendy worked with the chronically homeless in Philadelphia, produced promotional videos for non-profits, and farmed her own land. In January 2014, Wendy was hired by the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities to be a Housing Locator for the Pottstown HRC. She has developed relationships with approximately 65 landlords in the area and continually communicates the needs of Your Way Home clients. She recently became a Bridges Out of Poverty Trainer and shared, "I decided to become a trainer to educate others so they would better understand and respect people in poverty." Wendy reported that her favorite part of her job is working with her fantastic team at the Pottstown HRC which includes Jessica, Ryan, Jenn, Susan and Barb. "I am honored to serve with them." The second favorite thing she reported is watching the landlord hand over the keys to the client. "It is a joyous moment and in that moment there is hope and a new sense of purpose." Wendy helped to bring the concern of her clients not having cleaning supplies to the local Church Delegate Assembly which resulted in the churches hosting a Cleaning Supply Drive August-September 12th. Wendy is grateful for YWH Fund as she was able to resolve an immediate health issue of a senior citizen that moved into a 3rd floor apartment by purchasing him an air conditioner. She would like to share that we cannot house the homeless if we do not have landlords and keeping open communication with them is key.