CoC Program Grant-Project Priority List Now Available

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Date: November 5, 2015

Your Way Home Montgomery County

Montgomery County CoC

CoC Program Grant- Project Priority Listing Now Available


The Montgomery County CoC has posted the project priority listing for all projects submitting an application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s FY2015 CoC Program Grant competition. The listing can be accessed here.




Montgomery County is eligible to receive $2,566,181 in renewal project funding through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD’s) FY2015 CoC Program Grant competition. As part of the application process for this funding, HUD requires that all Continuums of Care (CoC’s) rank the projects based on the CoC’s order of funding priority.


HUD has established that 85% of the Annual Renewal Demand- or $2,566,181- is guaranteed to be funded, so long as the CoC’s overall application meets minimum requirements. The remaining 25% of funding- $384,927- will be funded based on the individual project’s rank and alignment with HUD’s funding priorities, and availability of HUD funding. The CoC is required to rank all of the projects to demonstrate which are the higher priority projects (guaranteed to be funded) and which are lower priority projects (funding is contingent upon scoring).


The CoC Governance Action Team created the CoC Grant Review Action Team in March 2015 to develop an objective ranking tool for all projects. This ranking tool was finalized on Thursday, October 22, 2015 by the CoC Grant Review Action Team. The ranking criteria include a description of each criterion, data source, and how each was utilized to score projects. It is attached here.


A subset of Your Way Home Leadership Council members were selected to determine the final ranking of projects based on (1) the project’s score on the Ranking Tool, (2) alignment with Your Way Home’s strategic priorities and coordinated entry system, and (3) availability of other federal or local funding sources to support the project in the event it is not renewed directly by this grant source.


The Montgomery County CoC is continuing to work on the Collaborative Application for the CoC Program Grant, which provides the main source of points for project funding. The Collaborative Application is a comprehensive report on the county’s work to end homelessness. The final application will be made available to the Your Way Home community no later than November 17, 2015; and submitted to HUD no later than November 20, 2015.


Questions about this process or the CoC Program Grant can be directed to Emma Hertz, CoC Co-Chair,