Learning Collaborative

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The Learning Collaborative has been re-invented to align with the Your Way Home Housing Crisis Response System needs and requests, as uncovered through an assessment earlier this year. Based on input from providers, the new Learning Collaborative aims to help:

  • Enhance their work through shared best practices and tips.
  • Promote leadership development and collegiality with peers.
  • Foster increased excellence and consistency in service provision.
  • Enrich teams and organizations while enabling providers be better partners to one another.

What will they learn together? Content will be cultivated by the group and informed, in part, by key stakeholders. Likely outcomes of membership in the Learning Collaborative include:

  1. Analyzing and building shared knowledge of issues.
  2. Developing new plans or approaches.
  3. Assessing current activities and identifying better ways to work.
  4. Understanding how your work impacts others and vice versa.

The guiding principles of the Learning Collaborative include shared agenda setting, openness and flexibility, partnership in learning, and inclusivity (of ideas, perspectives, and all front-line members of the housing crisis response system).

The Learning Collaborative is composed of front-line and direct supervisors from Your Way Home’s Core Housing Crisis Response providers. This includes: Emergency Shelter case managers and supervisors; Housing Resource Center Coaches, Locators, and supervisors; Call Center operators.

Sessions will be interactive, purposeful, and facilitated by Sonia Stamm, who joined YWH as our new facilitator this year.