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Frequently Asked Questions                         


General Information:

 What Does Your Way Home (YWH) Do?

Your Way Home Montgomery County is striving to end homelessness through a transformational, community-wide collaboration between government, philanthropy, nonprofit providers, and community partners.

 Why Was This Partnership Formed?

 Your Way Home was founded after community leaders came together and determined that our business-as-usual thinking wasn’t ending homelessness in Montgomery County. The old way of doing things was uncoordinated, with countless silos and side doors. Instead, a transformational, community-wide partnership was needed to embrace a collective impact model for working together. By calling one number (Your Way Home Call Center 1-877-646-6306) –a single point of entry- families and individuals experiencing homelessness can access a network of support. Through this coordination and communication, Your Way Home is more client-focused and cost-effective way to help each of our residents.

 What Is The Vision Of YWH?

 The vision is to make the experience of homelessness in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania rare, brief, and non-recurring.

Specifically, Your Way Home will have the capacity to:

  • Quickly identify and engage people at-risk of and experiencing homelessness.
  • Intervene to prevent the loss of housing and divert people from entering the homelessness services system.
  • Provide immediate access to shelter and crisis services, without barriers to entry, while permanent stable housing and appropriate supports are being secured.
  • When homelessness does occur, quickly connect people to housing assistance and services—tailored to their unique needs and strengths—to help them achieve and maintain stable housing.


Call Center Information:

What Should I Do If I Need Help?

Contact the Your Way Home Call Center at 1-877-646-6306.  The Your Way Home Call Center is open Monday- Friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

How Soon Will I Get A Call From YWH?

 Those who are street homeless are the priority of YWH and then we work to help the next most vulnerable individuals and families. If you do not hear from a Your Way Home provider after 20 days of calling the Call Center, please call back. 

Why Does YWH Help Some People And Not Others?

We prioritize those who are currently living on our streets or in our shelters.  Within that group, we determine who is most vulnerable and connect those individuals or families first to available resources. 

What Types of Assistance Are Available?

Every individual has unique barriers to their housing stability so the types of assistance offered vary person to person.  The main types of assistance offered through Your Way Home are:

Housing Counseling- This service is offered to people who are doubled-up and at imminent risk of losing their housing.  Housing Stability Coaches and Shelter Case Managers work to provide conflict resolution and mediation to resolve the current crisis so that the family does not need to enter an emergency shelter.  Limited, one-time financial assistance may be available if appropriate for the household’s situation.

Emergency Shelter- Your Way Home shelter partners provide overnight shelter, meals, and housing focused case management to help people experiencing homelessness move to stable housing.

Rapid Re-Housing- Your Way Home Housing Resource Centers assist families and individuals living in emergency shelters or outdoors in securing and maintaining permanent housing.  A Housing Locator works with the family or individual to obtain housing and the Housing Stability Coach helps the household connect to the income and other supports needed to maintain their housing long-term. Rapid Re-Housing is provided for the amount of time needed by the household and assistance is re-evaluated every 3 months. 

How Does YWH Decide Who Receives Help?

When a person calls the YWH Call Center he/she is assessed for services. We prioritize those who are currently living on our streets for emergency shelter. Once in shelter, some people (based on prioritization) receive Rapid Re-Housing and others are assisted through shelter case managers to develop a plan to exit shelter. 

What Should I Do If I Am Behind On My Rent Or About To Be Evicted? 


Rental assistance for those facing eviction is not available through Your Way Home. However, our Your Way Home Call Center will refer you to Montgomery County Community Connections as they may be able to connect you with other resources. On rare occasions, there may be emergency cash assistance offered through the organizations that Community Connections refers to; however, there are no guarantees that you will be eligible for these funds or that funds will be available.


Shelter Information

 I Am Without Transportation And Money.  Will YWH Help Transport Me To The Shelter?

 If the Street Outreach Team verifies someone as street homeless, they will offer a ride to a shelter if space is available.

 How Long Can I Stay At The Shelter?  

 Every shelter is different.  We want shelter stays to be as brief as possible.

 Will the County Take My Children Away if I Go Into Shelter? Or Will My Ex- Spouse/Partner Get Full Custody Of Them If We Go Into A Shelter?

 The goal of family shelters is to keep families together.  If the shelter has concerns about the health and safety of a child, they are required to notify the Office of Children and Youth.  Regarding custody, please consult with an attorney.

 I Was Assessed For Shelter Recently, Now What Do I Do?   

Unfortunately we can only offer shelter when space is available.  When space is available we will contact the person in the most dire situation first.  It is likely shelter space will not become available very quickly.  Please continue to reach out to family, friends, and neighbors etc. for a place to stay. 

 Can I Bring My Children Into A Shelter?

 Yes if it is a family shelter. Some family shelters stay in churches where each family has their own private space, other family shelters are set up like a dorm with a private bedroom for the family and shared kitchen, living and bathrooms.  

I Am Being Evicted And Have Nowhere To Go, What Do I Do With My Pet?  


Shelters do not take pets. Please reach out to family, friends, neighbors etc. that might be able to care for your pet. 


I Am Being Evicted, I Have To Get All Of My Belongings Out And I Have Nowhere To Go With It.  Where Can I Store My Furniture And Belongings? 


Unfortunately, YWH cannot assist people with storing or moving their belongings.   Shelter space is very limited and many shelters limit the amount of belongings someone can bring with them. Please reach out to family and friends to see if they can help store your items.


I Have Medical Issues and/or Mobility Issues, How can They Be Accommodated?  


If shelter is needed, YWH will work to meet the needs of the individual or family with the resources that are available. 


Will I Be Able To Work and Stay In The Shelter?  

Most likely, as shelters work hard to accommodate a person’s work schedule. 

Will I Be Able To Stay With A Friend Part-Time And Shelter Part-Time?

 That depends on the shelter.  Shelter beds are limited and we cannot reserve a bed for someone who has another place to stay. 





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