Ending Homelessness

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Ending HomelessnessWhat if we could prevent and end homelessness in Montgomery County by working together more effectively and efficiently? 

That’s the question that drives Your Way Home Montgomery County (YWH), a public-private partnership seeking to end homelessness in the county, once and for all. 

In 2015, 1,570 people experienced homelessness in Montgomery County, more than half of whom were people in families with children. Other populations experiencing homelessness in Montgomery County include working and low-income families and individuals, veterans, seniors, youth, people fleeing abuse and violence at home, and medically frail, as well as people with one or more disabling conditions, including HIV/Aids, serious mental illness, substance abuse and intellectual or developmental disabilities.

YWH rapidly rehouses individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Follow up case management services focus on assisting reach individual goals – such as improving health and obtaining living wage employment – that will help them maintain permanent housing. The impact of YWH is multi-fold: 

  • Decreased number of people that experience homelessness 
  • Reduced lengths of stay in shelter and returns to homelessness 
  • Improved housing stability, health and employment outcomes 
  • Higher return on public and private investments 

Achieving stable and permanent housing improves the quality of life and builds stronger communities for all residents of Montgomery County.